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Where did “Noomi” come from? In my childhood memories, my mom used “noomi basra,” which are dried lemons in Iraqi cuisine. I remember her peeling off the skin and carefully removing the seeds to avoid any bitter taste. She also used to make it as a tea for us when we weren’t feeling well, believing it could boost our immunity and aid in a faster recovery. I chose to adopt this name because the shape of the delicious and healthy treats I began crafting resembles ”noomi basra,” holding a special emotional connection for me. It signifies a new chapter in my journey towards healthier eating – a literal ”new me” and a fresh approach to my diet. With a sweet tooth, I discovered that refined sugar and gluten triggered my symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and IBS.
Believing in the mantra that nothing is impossible, I experimented with sweet alternatives that not only tasted amazing
but also didn’t provoke my symptoms. This transition not only improved my health and boosted my energy but also earned admiration from my kids and friends. Their encouragement inspired me to share these treats with everyone, with the hope that it would contribute to healing their gut and inspire them to choose healthier alternatives.
Today, as a health coach, I embarked on a journey of self-healing, embracing not only healthier food choices but also
cultivating a wellness-focused lifestyle. My passion is to share this knowledge, empowering others to reap the same
benefits and find their own “new me.”

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We are a local brand that creates a new twist on sweets and bread for a healthier gut.

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We have been producing gluten-free and plant based products and we are undeniably proud of the quality of our products.

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